About this blog

To have an opinion at a time where we discuss the steady growth of a range of people in society who want information “chewed” for them can be tricky. But our blog, “2 OPINIONS”, isn’t born with the pretension of being a space to save people from an intellectual abyss or from a situation where their opinions are just constant repetitions of articles and media content. The joke of the name of this blog is at the junction of the opinions of two totally different beings who are brothers, who lived for a long time together and who had totally different life experiences.

2 OPINIONS is a space to put ideas, thoughts, stories … but it’s mostly a space to produce a unique and enjoyable content  both for those who write and for those who read it. In this adventure of writing a personal blog together  we intend to grow both individually and together.

We hope that our adventure is as profitable for you as it is for us to produce it …